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Quesadilla Yumm
redefine_you wrote in crisis_cooking
Alright, here is a long overdue post for you. Tonight I was craving quesadillas, but I didn't have any salsa, or tomatoes, so I improvised.

-1 medium onion
-1/2 red bell pepper
-1 large chicken breast
-Flatbreads, I used tomato basil flavored ones.

1. Cook chicken breast, I used 1tsp olive oil and some fresh basil. Remove from pan & let cool.
2. Chop onion & red pepper into tiny tiny pieces, throw into pan chicken was in. Fry until onions smell sweet, then remove from heat & throw in a bowl.
3. Grate some cheese, I used old cheddar today.
4. Put cooked onion & peppers on half a flatbread, add shredded chicken, and then cheese, fold over flatbread.
5. Repeat until out of ingredients, fry/grill quesadillas until crispy.
6. Enjoy!

Took maybe 30 mins from start to mouth. Yum!

BONUS: I made some home-chips too! Yumm! Potatoes, salt & oil.

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Ooh yum!

We like to make pizzadillas. It's mozzarella cheese, a little bit of diced tomatoes, and basil.

Oh that sounds good. Once I perfect my crust recipe imma post my pictures here. Yumm all things that are pizza...

:D Now that's a compliment!

Doing that. With quorn for cheepness, although it will be less tasty.

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